Hello :) My name is Ayah. 

pronounced "A" -"yuh".

when you say the "A" your
mouth has to smile a little
like when you say "ayyyyee" 

Don't say the "A" as if you're
saying "ahhh...that's so relaxing"
but say it like you would say
"Ahhh!!! There's someone
running after me!" 

My favorite thing about design is clarity.

Because my mind thinks about 100 things
at once, I treasure the things in my life
that bring understanding and carry a form
of transparency. It's why I value my religion,
nature and it's why I value my occupation.
Graphic Design is so incredible
because it gives me an outlet to more knowledge
and allows me to communicate that clarity to
others as well. My goal is to work &
collaborate with as many professions as possible
(designers, curators, biologists, engineers,
mechanics, chefs.) so we can figure out how to
solve the really extremely tiny issues that are
causing the waves of unnecessary big and
crazy issues.
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