For Consumer's Sake
Hones in on current
our social dynamics, 
providing solutions
and ways to focus on
the essential.
Consumerism is
examined in the
micro and macro
through three
critical lenses:
social media (digital),
materialism (physical),
and philosophy
This project was made in collaboration with Nadya Andrianova
Book 1: Designers & Consumerism; Book 2: Social Identity; Book 3: Crazy Times Call for Crazy Data  
Library | Social media is presented as a library, demonstrating digital platforms’ information distribution techniques. As a contradiction, the library is presented in a tangible form, a series of three handmade books that begs the reader to be more conscious about their content intake. 
Process for the 3 books: 
Posters | Materialism is depicted through a poster series that replicates the social and moral responsibility (macro), recycling (micro), and the  empowerment through decision-making (middle) within consumerism. 

Poster 1: Social & Moral Responsibility | Spending 1/10 of time, effort, skill, or privilege to help someone or something rather than ourselves, will gradually detach us from materialism. 

Poster 2: What Goes Where / Recycling is a difficult task, although it is extremely necessary. Treat recycling like your laundry. 

Poster 3: Handle It /  Our senses guide us and make us pay attention to the value of the product. As technology progresses, the physicality of purchasing products changes. 

Motion Piece | Philosophy is illustrated through motion, targeting the internal war that is present in a person’s mind daily, and provides solutions when it comes to simplifying the intake of information. 
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